The Compression of Normal Vectors to Prevent Visulal Distortion in Shading 3D Mesh Models

3D 메쉬 모델의 쉐이딩 시 시각적 왜곡을 방지하는 법선 벡터 압축에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.02.29


Data compression becomes increasingly an important issue for reducing data storage spaces as well as transmis-sion time in network environments. In 3D geometric models, the normal vectors of faces or meshes take a major portion of the data so that the compression of the vectors, which involves the trade off between the distortion of the images and compression ratios, plays a key role in reducing the size of the models. So, raising the compression ratio when the normal vector is compressed and minimizing the visual distortion of shape model's shading after compression are important. According to the recent papers, normal vector compression is useful to heighten com-pression ratio and to improve memory efficiency. But, the study about distortion of shading when the normal vector is compressed is rare relatively. In this paper, new normal vector compression method which is clustering normal vectors and assigning Representative Normal Vector (RNV) to each cluster and using the angular deviation from actual normal vector is proposed. And, using this new method, Visually Undistinguishable Lossy Compression (VULC) algorithm which distortion of shape model's shading by angular deviation of normal vector cannot be identified visually has been developed. And, being applied to the complicated shape models, this algorithm gave a good effectiveness.



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