Effect of Ga, Nb Addition on Disproportionation Kinetics of Nd-Fe-B Alloy

  • Kwon, H.W. (Pukyong National University) ;
  • Yu, J.H. (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
  • Published : 2009.12.31


The effect of Ga and, Nb addition on the kinetics and mechanism of the disproportionation of a Nd-Fe-B alloy were investigated by isothermal thermopiezic analysis (TPA) using $Nd_{12.5}Fe_{(81.1-(x+y))}B_{6.4}Ga_xNb_y$ (x=0 and 0.3, y= 0 and 0.2) alloys. The addition of Ga and Nb retarded the disproportionation kinetics of the Nd-Fe-B alloy significantly, and increased the activation energy of the disproportionation reaction. The disproportionation kinetics of the $Nd_{12.5}Fe_{(81.1-(x+y))}B_{6.4}Ga_xNb_y$ alloys measured under an initial hydrogen pressure of 0.02 MPa were fitted to a parabolic rate law. This suggested that during the disproportionation of $Nd_{12.5}Fe_{(81.1-(x+y))}B_{6.4}Ga_xNb_y$ alloys with an initial hydrogen pressure of 0.02 MPa, a continuous disproportionation product is formed and the overall reaction rate is limited by the diffusion of hydrogen atoms (or ions).


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