A Microgrid Operation based on a Power Market Environment

  • Kim, Hak-Man (Department of Electrical Engineering, Incheon City College) ;
  • Kinoshita, Tetsuo (Cyberscience Center and Graduate School of Information Science, Tohoku University)
  • Published : 2009.11.30


A Microgrid is a private small-scale power system composed of distributed energy resources (DERs), storage devices and loads. And it is expected that the Microgrid will come into wide use in the near future. For this, the establishment of the Microgrid operation methodology is a very important problem. Especially, the Microgrid is greatly different from existing private small-scale power systems because of the multiple participants. Therefore, the Microgrid operation considered various requirements according to multiple participants is more complicated than the operation of existing private small-scale power systems. In this paper, Microgrid operation methodology based on a market environment is suggested. Through case studies, the effectiveness of the suggested methodology is verified.


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