Evaluation of the Head Mouse System using Gyro-and Opto-Sensors

각속도 및 광센서를 이용한 헤드 마우스의 평가

  • 박민제 (한경대학교 생물.정보통신전문대학원) ;
  • 김수찬 (한경대학교 생물.정보통신전문대학원, IT융합기술연구소)
  • Published : 2010.11.30


In this research, we designed the head mouse system for disabled and gamers, a mouse controller which can be controlled by head movements and eye blinks only, and compared its performance with other regular mouse controller systems. The head mouse was moved by a gyro-sensor, which can measure an angular rotation of a head movement, and the eye blink was used as a clicking event of the mouse system. Accumulated errors caused by integral, which was a problem that previous head mouse system had, were removed periodically, and treated as dead zones in the non-linear relative point graph, and direct mouse point control was possible using its moving distance and acceleration calculation. We used the active light sources to minimize the influence of the ambient light changes, so that the head mouse was not affected by the change in external light source. In a comparison between the head mouse and the gazing tracking mouse (Quick Glance), the above method resulted about 21% higher score on the clicking event experiment called "20 clicks", about 25% higher on the dasher experiment, and about 37% higher on on-screen keyboard test respectively, which concludes that the proposed head mouse has better performance than the standard mouse system.


Supported by : 한경대학교