The Comparison Effects between Electrical Stimulation Therapy and Isometric Exercise on Improvement of Biceps brachii Muscle Strength

EST와 등척성 운동이 상완이두근의 근력증진에 미치는 효과에 관한 비교연구

  • Received : 2010.04.16
  • Accepted : 2010.05.25
  • Published : 2010.06.30


Purpose : To compare the effect between isometric exercise group(n=10) and electrical stimulation therapy group(n=10) on improvement of biceps brachii muscle strength. Methods : The experiments were performed for 4 weeks and three times a week. The participants of this study were 20 students(10 male, 10 female) who had not any medical problems. We divided into the two groups. One group received isometric exercise and the other group received EST for 4 weeks. The biceps brachii muscle strength was evaluated by making use of the KIN-COM. Results : The results were as follows 1. One group which received isometric exercise increased 36% for biceps brachii muscle strength. 2.The other group which received EST increased 54% for biceps brachii muscle strength. Conclusion : The results of this study showed that EST group was more effective than isometric exercise group.