A Study of Winding Design for Capacitor Run Single phase Induction Motor

커패시터 구동형 단상유도전동기의 권선설계에 대한 연구

  • 함상환 (한양대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 임종빈 (한양대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 이주 (한양대학교 전기생체공학부)
  • Received : 2011.02.08
  • Accepted : 2011.03.28
  • Published : 2011.04.01


This paper is concerned with winding design in capacitor-run single phase motor. Winding design in single phase induction motor is more complicated than that in three phase induction motor, because of using concentric winding in the single phase. Various winding designs are possible, and accordingly layout of the slot is calculated by formula. And then accurate design of winding is available. Using the design process in this paper, we can get the base model with slot layout and turns of windings of 1.12 kW single phase induction motor, and it is verified by finite element analysis. In this paper, winding design and winding layout of single-phase induction motor using concentric winding are suggested.


Supported by : 한국연구재단


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