Dandy-Walker Syndrome with Submucous Cleft Palate: A Case Report

댄디워커증후군에 동반된 점막 밑 입천장갈림증 치험례

  • Kwang, Bum Sik (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wonkwang University School of Medicine) ;
  • Na, Young Cheon (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Wonkwang University School of Medicine)
  • 강범식 (원광대학교 의과대학 성형외과학교실) ;
  • 나영천 (원광대학교 의과대학 성형외과학교실)
  • Received : 2012.02.11
  • Accepted : 2012.03.16
  • Published : 2012.04.09


Purpose: Dandy-Walker syndrome is a rare congenital brain malformation that occurs one in every 25,000-35,000 live births, mostly in females. It is characterized by cystic enlargement of the fourth ventricle, agenesis or hypogenesis of the cerebellar vermis and enlargement of the posterior fossa. In this report, the authors aimed to address a rare case of a 14-months-old female Dandy-Walker syndrome patient that is presented with submucous cleft palate. Methods: A 14-months-old female patient admitted to our outpatient clinic, via the department of pediatrics, with the complaints of nasal regurgitation, choking and breathing difficulties. She was diagnosed as Dandy-Walker syndrome by magnetic resonance imaging evaluation, at another hospital and underwent a shunt operation for the hydrocephalus continuing treatments. On physical examination, she had structural abnormality of bifid uvula, and palpable notch in the posterior surface of the hard palate. Her submucous cleft palate was corrected, which used a double opposing Z-plasty under general anesthesia. Results: In a follow-up period of 2 months, no complications, such as wound dehiscence, necrosis and infection occurred, which shows satisfactory results. She consulted with pediatric neurologists and physical therapists for further evaluation and management of the abnormalities in the central nervous system. Conclusion: Dandy-Walker syndrome patient with a cleft palate is a very rare case to find, which only a few cases are reported around the world. Authors would like to share this case of Dandy-Walker syndrome patient, with submucous cleft palate, who underwent a double opposing Z-plasty that shows satisfactory results.


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