Performance Evaluation on Static Loading and Cyclic Loading for Structural Insulated Panels

구조용단열패널의 정적가력과 반복가력 성능 평가

  • Nah, Hwan-Seon (Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute) ;
  • Lee, Hyeon-Ju (Korea Electric Power Corporation Research Institute) ;
  • Choi, Sung-Mo (The University of Seoul, Department of Architectural Engineering)
  • 나환선 (한국전력공사 전력연구원) ;
  • 이현주 (한국전력공사 전력연구원) ;
  • 최성모 (서울시립대학교 건축학부)
  • Received : 2012.12.20
  • Accepted : 2013.01.25
  • Published : 2013.03.31


Structural insulated panels, structurally performed panels consisting of a plastic insulation bonded between two structural panel facings, are one of emerging products with a viewpoint of its energy and construction efficiencies. These components are applicable to fabricated wood structures. In Korea, there are few technical documents regulated structural performance and engineering criteria in domestic market. This study was conducted to identify fundamental performance of both monotonic load and quasi static cyclic load for SIPs in shear wall application. Static test results showed that maximum load was 44.3kN, allowable shear load was 6.1kN/m, shear stiffness was 1.23 M N/m, and ductility ratio was 3.6. Cyclic test was conducted by two kinds of specimens : single panel and double panels. Cyclic test results, which were equivalent to static test results, showed that maximum load was 45.42kN, allowable shear load was 6.3kN/m. Furthermore the accumulated energy dissipation capability for double panels was as 2.3 times as that for single panel. From performance of structural tests, it was recommended that the allowable shear load for panels was at least 6.1kN/m.


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