A Determination of Design Parameters for Application of Composite Coil Spring in a Passenger Vehicle

승용차 복합재 코일스프링 개발을 위한 설계변수들의 결정

  • Oh, Sung-Ha (MAXOFT Corporation) ;
  • Choi, Bok-Lok (Gangneung-wonju national univ., School of mechanical & automotive engineering)
  • Published : 2013.02.28


This paper presents the feasibility on the application of composite coil spring, which has great interest in the automobile industry. In order to obtain much lighter weight of the composite spring, it will be necessary to optimize the design variables such as fiber angles and diameter of coil, etc. First of all, mechanical properties were measured to consider the effects of FVR and ply angles for carbon fiber composite material. And the shear modulus with respect to ply angles were derived based on twisting angles calculated by torsional beam model. Next we determined the design parameters of composite coil spring, which has equivalent spring rate to the steel coil spring. In order to assess the proposed method, finite element model of the composite spring was developed and analysed to obtain the spring constant. The results showed that static spring rate of the composite spring was in a good agreement with that of steel spring.


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