Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane Foam Prepared from Prepolymer with Resin Premix

Prepolymer와 Resin Premix로 부터 제조된 Polyurethane Foam의 기계적 성질

  • 김태성 (태광산업(주) 중앙연구소) ;
  • 박찬영 (부경대학교 고분자공학과)
  • Received : 2013.08.05
  • Accepted : 2013.08.26
  • Published : 2013.09.30


Polyester type polyurethane foam has low hydrolysis resistance. It was overcome with addition of acrylic polyol by quasi prepolymer method. Tensile strength and hardness of polyurethane foam contained acrylic polyol was increased with increasing of acrylic polyol contents. But split tear strength and tear strength was slightly changed. Hydrolysis resistance of polyurethane foam was measured by loss % of tensile strength. It was improved with increasing of acrylic polyol contents from 25.5g to 102g.


Supported by : 부경대학교


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