Experimental and numerical investigation of expanded metal tube absorber under axial impact loading

  • Nouri, M. Damghani (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan University) ;
  • Hatami, H. (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan University) ;
  • Jahromi, A. Ghodsbin (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan University)
  • Received : 2014.08.21
  • Accepted : 2015.05.05
  • Published : 2015.06.25


In this research, the cylindrical absorber made of expanded metal sheets under impact loading has been examined. Expanded metal sheets due to their low weight, effective collapse mechanism has a high energy absorption capacity. Two types of absorbers with different cells angle were examined. First, the absorber with cell angle ${\alpha}=0$ and then the absorber with angle cell ${\alpha}=90$. Experimental Study is done by drop Hammer device and numerical investigation is done by finite element of ABAQUS software. The output of device is acceleration-time Diagram which is shown by Accelerometer that is located on the picky mass. Also the output of ABAQUS software is shown by force-displacement diagram. In this research, the numerical and experimental study of the collapse type, force-displacement diagrams and effective parameters has been investigated. Similarly, the comparison between numerical and experimental results has been observed that these results are matched well with each other. From the obtained results it was observed that the absorber with cell angle ${\alpha}=0$, have symmetric collapse and had high energy absorption capacity but the absorber with cell angle ${\alpha}=90$, had global buckling and the energy absorption value was not suitable.


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