The Characteristics of Continuous Waveshape Control for the Suppression of Defects in the Fiber Laser Welding of Pure Titanium Sheet (II) - The Effect According to Control of Overlap Weld Length -

순 티타늄 박판의 파이버 레이저 용접시 결함 억제를 위한 연속의 출력 파형제어 특성(II) - 중첩부 길이변화에 따른 영향 -

  • Kim, Jong-Do (Division of Marine Engineering, Korea Maritime and Ocean univ.) ;
  • Kim, Ji-Sung (Graduate School, Korea Maritime and Ocean Univ.)
  • 김종도 (한국해양대 해사대학 기관공학부) ;
  • 김지성 (한국해양대 대학원 기관공학과)
  • Received : 2016.11.11
  • Accepted : 2016.12.12
  • Published : 2016.12.30


Because the pure titanium has superior corrosion resistance and formability compared with different material, it is widely used as material of welded heat exchanger. When the welding of heat exchanger is carried out, certain area in which welding start and end are overlapped occurs. The humping of back bead is formed in the overlap area due to partial penetration. Thus in this study, the experiments were carried out by changing the length and wave shape of overlap area, and then the weldabiliay was evaluated through the observation of microstructure, the measurement of hardness and tensile-shear strength test in the overlap area. When overlap length was 9.8mm, humping bead was suppressed. The microstructure of overlap area coarsened and its hardness increased due to remelting. As a result of tensile-shear strength test in the overlap area according to applying the wave shape control, it was confirmed that the overlap area applied wave shape control had more excellent yield strength and ductility.



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