Simulation and Experimental Study of A TLP Type Floating Wind Turbine with Spoke Platform

  • Kim, Hyuncheol (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)) ;
  • Kim, Imgyu (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST)) ;
  • Kim, Yong Yook (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) Initiative for Disaster Studies) ;
  • Youn, DongHyup (Research Institute of Medium and Small Shipbuilding(RIMS)) ;
  • Han, Soonhung (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST))
  • 투고 : 2016.09.27
  • 심사 : 2016.12.19
  • 발행 : 2016.12.31


As the demand for renewable energy has increased following the worldwide agreement to act against global climate change and disaster, large-scale floating offshore wind systems have become a more viable solution. However, the cost of the whole system is still too high for practical realization. To make the cost of a floating wind system be more economical, a new concept of tension leg platform (TLP) type ocean floating wind system has been developed. To verify the performance of a 5-MW TLP type ocean floating wind power system designed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, the FAST simulation developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is used. Further, 1/50 scale model tests have been carried out in the ocean engineering tank of the Research Institute of Medium and Small Shipbuilding, Korea. This paper compares the simulation and ocean engineering tank test results on motion prediction and tension assessment of the TLP anchor.



연구 과제 주관 기관 : KAIST, Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning(KETEP)


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