Study on Establishment of DB for Processing Properties of Food Raw Materials and Website Operation

식품자원의 가공적성 연구 결과 DB 구축 및 웹사이트 운영 연구

  • Published : 2016.06.30


DB Integration website(tentatively named Food Processing Aptitude Information Center, FPAIC) has been designed through a "high-value products development project(2013)". Basically, the project aims to secure connections between food raw materials and processing industry, a variety of information sources, and users's convenience. It also aims to build the industry-university-based mutual growth in the food industry through sharing of processing suitability and material research on food raw materials. FPAIC consists of raw material story, information of sample characteristics, food processing study, preceding research data, food industry trends, and understanding of food processing. The major database of research on Food Processing is provided on information of sample characteristics, and food processing study. Currently the web site has 36 raw material stories, 380 information on sample characteristics and food processing studies, 1,600 preceding research data about 31 food raw materials. The web site also provides information on 70 useful web sites, as well as 77 food industry trends, 27 basic information about food processing.


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