Resisting Strength of Ring-Stiffened Cylindrical Steel Shell under Uniform External Pressure

균일외압을 받는 링보강 원형단면 강재 쉘의 강도특성

  • 안준태 (명지대학교, 토목환경공학과) ;
  • 신동구 (명지대학교, 토목환경공학과)
  • Received : 2017.08.22
  • Accepted : 2018.01.16
  • Published : 2018.02.27


Resisting strength of ring-stiffened cylindrical steel shell under uniform external pressure was evaluated by geometrically and materially nonlinear finite element method. The effects of shape and amplitude of geometric initial imperfection, radius to thickness ratio, and spacing of ring stiffeners on the resisting strength of ring-stiffened shell were analyzed. The resisting strength of ring-stiffened cylindrical shells made of SM490 obtained by FEA were compared with design strengths specified in Eurocode 3 and DNV-RP-C202. The shell buckling modes obtained from a linear elastic bifurcation FE analysis were introduced in the nonlinear FE analysis as initial geometric imperfections. The radius to thickness ratios of cylindrical shell in the range of 250 to 500 were considered.


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