Spectral Properties of k-quasi-class A(s, t) Operators

  • Received : 2016.03.13
  • Accepted : 2018.10.16
  • Published : 2019.09.23


In this paper we introduce a new class of operators which will be called the class of k-quasi-class A(s, t) operators. An operator $T{\in}B(H)$ is said to be k-quasi-class A(s, t) if $$T^{*k}(({\mid}T^*{\mid}^t{\mid}T{\mid}^{2s}{\mid}T^*{\mid}^t)^{\frac{1}{t+s}}-{\mid}T^*{\mid}^{2t})T^k{\geq}0$$, where s > 0, t > 0 and k is a natural number. We show that an algebraically k-quasi-class A(s, t) operator T is polaroid, has Bishop's property ${\beta}$ and we prove that Weyl type theorems for k-quasi-class A(s, t) operators. In particular, we prove that if $T^*$ is algebraically k-quasi-class A(s, t), then the generalized a-Weyl's theorem holds for T. Using these results we show that $T^*$ satisfies generalized the Weyl's theorem if and only if T satisfies the generalized Weyl's theorem if and only if T satisfies Weyl's theorem. We also examine the hyperinvariant subspace problem for k-quasi-class A(s, t) operators.


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