Convergence Study on the Employment Stress and Self-rated Oral Health Status in University Students

대학생의 취업스트레스와 자가구강건강상태에 관한 융합적 연구

  • Kim, Min-A (Department of Dental Hygiene, Songho University) ;
  • Kim, Hyo-Jin (Department of Dental Hygiene, Kyungdong University) ;
  • Lee, Yeon-Kyoung (Department of Dental Hygiene, Songho University)
  • Received : 2020.01.30
  • Accepted : 2020.03.20
  • Published : 2020.03.28


This study was to survey the relationship between employment stress and self-rated oral health status in university students from Sep. 2 to 27, 2019. Data were analyzed using the SPSS 22.0 program. In case of high employment stress, the comparative risk of self-rated oral health status was 1.7 times in Gingiva swelling, 1.46 times in ulcer and 1.53 times in hypersensitivity. After correcting the general characteristics (gender, age, grade, major), the comparative risk was 1.56 times for Gingiva swelling, 1.42 times for ulcer and 1.44 times for hypersensitivity. Therefore employment stress was found to be related to oral health and it is considered necessary to find ways to prevent and manage oral health by seeking various methods such as counseling support or stress control to reduce employment stress.

본 연구는 대학생들의 취업스트레스와 자가구강상태의 관련성을 파악하기 위하여 대학생 361명을 대상으로 2019년 9월 2일부터 27일까지 설문조사를 시행하였다. 자료는 SPSS 22.0프로그램을 이용하여 자료를 분석하였다. 취업스트레스가 높은 경우 자가구강건강상태의 비교 위험도는 잇몸부종 1.7배, 궤양 1.46배, 지각과민 1.53배로 나타났다. 일반적 특성(성별,나이,학년,전공)을 보정한 후 비교위험도는 잇몸부종 1.56배, 궤양 1.42배, 지각과민은 1.44배로 나타났다. 이에 취업스트레스는 구강건강에 관련성이 있다는 것을 알 수 있었으며 취업스트레스를 낮추기 위한 상담지원이나 스트레스 조절법과 같은 다양한 방법을 모색하여 구강건강을 예방하고 관리하는 방법을 강구하는 것이 필요하다고 여겨진다.



Supported by : Songho University

This research was supported by research fund from Songho University in 2019.


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