Effect of Ti Intermediate Layer on Properties of HAp Plasma Sprayed Biocompatible Coatings

  • Received : 2019.12.11
  • Accepted : 2020.02.15
  • Published : 2020.04.29


The objective of this study was to improve properties of plasma sprayed HAp layer to titanium substrate by introducing an intermediate layer with two different methods. Before applying Zn doped HAp coating on titanium substrate, an intermediate layer was introduced by titanium plasma spray or titanium anodization. Heat treatments were conducted for some samples after titanium intermediate layer was formed. Zn doped HAp top layer was applied by plasma spraying. Three-point bending test and pull-off adhesion test were performed to determine the adhesion of Zn doped HAp coatings to substrates. Long-term credibility of Zn doped HAp plasma sprayed coatings on titanium was assessed by electrochemical impedance measurements in Hanks' solution. It was found that both titanium plasma sprayed and titanium anodized intermediate layer had excellent credibility. Strong adhesion to the titanium substrate was confirmed after 12 weeks of immersion for coating samples with titanium plasma sprayed intermediate layer. Samples with titanium anodized intermediate layer showed good bending strength. However, they showed relatively poor resistance against pulling off. The thickness of titanium anodized intermediate layer can be controlled much more precisely than that of plasma sprayed one, which is important for practical application.



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