A Study about Expanding into International Markets through International Apparel Fairs -Emphasis on the Las Vegas Magic Show-

의류 수주전시회를 통한 해외 시장 진출 방안에 관한 연구 -라스베이거스 매직쇼(Magic Show)를 중심으로-

  • Lim, Jisook (Dept. of Fashion Business, Graduate School of Fashion, Hongik University)
  • 임지숙 (홍익대학교, 패션대학원, 패션비즈니스과)
  • Received : 2021.01.19
  • Accepted : 2021.02.24
  • Published : 2021.02.28


Apparel fairs are business platforms specializing in selling fashion products. As the largest apparel fair in the United States and with the highest number of animated buyers in the entire world, the Las Vegas Magic Show utilizes this distribution platform to the greatest extent by sustaining over 90,000 buyers annually. In accordance, the exhibiting companies also participate in commercial functions by striving to promote brand awareness to consumers as they carefully plan to increase actual sales and secure new customers. Domestically, numerous organizations such as the Trade Promotion Administration, the Korean Apparel Association, and KOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) present similar international apparel fairs to strongly encourage domestic companies to exhibit at international apparel fairs. However, many companies fail to succeed in achieving actual results, which frequently causes them to attend the shows for the short term only. This may occur due to the lack of research on apparel order-writing exhibitions by academia and proactive workers. This research study was based on the careful observation and analysis of the three most recent years of Magic exhibitor attendees' operations and changes to accomplish the final objective of presenting a basic guideline to attend an international apparel exhibition.


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