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Cutaneous Manifestations Associated with Liver Diseases (간질환에 동반된 피부증상에 관한 연구)

  • Cho, Young-Sup;Choi, Jong-Soo;Kim, Ki-Hong;Lee, Heon-Ju
    • Journal of Yeungnam Medical Science
    • /
    • v.2 no.1
    • /
    • pp.167-174
    • /
    • 1985
  • It has been well recognized that the various cutaneous manifestations associated with the liver diseases. A clinical study was made of 255 patients (AVH 84, LC 70, HC 41, CAH 26, CPH 23, AH11) with the liver diseases at Yeungnam University Hospital during the periods from May to November, 1985. The authors classified the cutaneous manifestations into 7 groups according to pathogenesis, and compared them with other reports. The results were as follows; 1. In 255 patients with various liver diseases, 161 patients (63%) showed the various cutaneous manifestations. 2. The various cutaneous manifestations were jaundice and/or pruritus (43.1%), vascular changes (39.6%), allergic manifestations (10.6%), nail changes (5.1%), hormone-induced changes (4.3%), pigmentary changes (3.5%) and others (2.4%) in that order. 3. Cutaneous manifestations were associated most frequently with liver cirrhosis (1.6 groups) and the least with chronic active hepatitis (0.7 group). 4. Allergic manifestations were seen mainly in patients with acute viral hepatitis. Three patients showed the serum sickness-like prodrome. 5. The other cutaneous manifestations were seen mainly in patients with chronic liver diseases.

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