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A Quality Stability Estimation of Shock-absorber Tube for automatic drawer (자동서랍함용 완충기 튜브의 품질 안정성 예측)

  • Son, Jae-Hwan;Kim, Young-Suk;Han, Chang-Woo
    • Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society
    • /
    • v.12 no.7
    • /
    • pp.2919-2924
    • /
    • 2011
  • The automatic drawer is used to absorb the movement shock and adjust its velocity when it opens and closes. The tube in shock-absorber is the cylindrical case which surrounds its parts and is made of acetal. The purpose of this study is to determine the quality stability of the tube in the shock-absorber in injection molding process. The tube which had been manufactured in the process with 4 cavity cooling unit was used. In this study, the analysis and test are carried out to determine its quality stability. Which are the quality analysis with numerical simulation and performance tests of the tube compared with one of foreign make. It is calculated that the injection press is 87.6 MPa and the deflections in X, Y, Z directions are ranged in 0.07~1.00 mm. When the researched tube is compared with the foreign made tube, the maximum bending compressive load is 231 kgf higher, average axial compressive load is 0.05 kgf higher, and the roughness(Ra) on the inner surface is $0.02\;{\mu}m$. lower. In the result, it is known that the quality of researched tube in injection mold process is stable and its performance is superior.