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LCD Embedded Hybrid Touch Screen Panel Based on a-Si:H TFT

  • You, Bong-Hyun;Lee, Byoung-Jun;Lee, Jae-Hoon;Koh, Jai-Hyun;Takahashi, Seiki;Shin, Sung-Tae
    • 한국정보디스플레이학회:학술대회논문집
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    • pp.964-967
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    • 2009
  • A new hybrid-type touch screen panel (TSP) has been developed based on a-Si:H TFT which can detect the change of both $C_{LC}$ and photo-current. This TSP can detect the difference of $C_{LC}$ between touch and no-touch states in unfavorable conditions such as dark ambient light and shadows. The hybrid TSP sensor consists of a detection area which includes one TFT for photo sensing and two TFTs for amplification. Compared to a single internal capacitive TSP or an optical sensing TSP, this new proposed hybrid-type TSP enables larger sensing margin due to embedding of both optical and capacitive sensors.

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