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Studies on Constituents of Higher Fungi of Korea(L VII) Comparison of Various Antitumor Constituents of Coriolus versicolor (한국산(韓國産) 고등(高等) 균류(菌類)의 성분(成分) 연구(硏究) (제 57보(第 57報)) 구름버섯 항암성분의 비교)

  • Cho, Hee-Jeong;Shim, Mi-Ja;Choi, Eung-Chil;Kim, Byong-Kak
    • The Korean Journal of Mycology
    • /
    • v.16 no.3
    • /
    • pp.162-174
    • /
    • 1988
  • To separate and quantitate antitumor protein-bound polysaccharides of Coriolus versicolor, the constituents were obtained from the submerged culture of the mycelia(C) and from the extract of the carpophores of the wild fungus(N). The polysaccharides were degraded by methanolysis. The neutral monosaccharides were separated and quantitated by HPLC using microbondapak carbohydrate analysis column, refractive index detection and water-acetonitrile acetic acid elution. The analyses of these constituents by HPLC showed that the natural constituent(N) consisted of glucose, xylose and mannose, the average amount being 96.44, 2.16 and 1.73%, respectively. The fermentation constituent(C) consisted of mannose, glucose, xylose and galactose, the average amount being 61.30, 14.00, 12.95, and 11.75%, respectively. The analyses of these constituents by an amino acid analyzer showed that both C and N contained 17 amino acids.

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