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A study on 3D data exchange between IGES and STL format (IGES와 SRL format 사이의 3차원 정보교고한에 관한 연구)

  • 오도근;최홍태;이석희
    • Proceedings of the Korean Society of Precision Engineering Conference
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    • pp.965-969
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    • 1995
  • This paper deals with effective using the IGES file for flexible data exchange among the other CAD/CAM system. If a data exchange between STL file and the neutral IGES file in Stereolithography system is available, a product design becomes more flexible. THere can be many restrictions and difficulties intranslating these data. First, an STL file follows two rules, such as right-hand rule, and vertex-to-vertex rule, thus requires a structural verification. Second, translation should be performed with minmal errors. It becomes very important to translate IGES file of limited kinds of entities fot the purpose of geometric information into STL file with minor data manipulation. The developed system suggests a good approach of translating the sampled B-spline surface of IGES and shows a potential linkage between IGES and STL format file.

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