• Title/Summary/Keyword: cotton-induced granuloma

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Anti-inflammatory Effects of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) Extract on Acute and Chronic Inflammation Models (만성 및 급성 염증 모델에서 강황추출물의 효과)

  • Anandakumar, Senthilkumar;Joseph, Joshua Allan;Bethapudi, Bharathi;Agarwal, Amit;Jung, Eun-Bong
    • Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition
    • /
    • v.43 no.4
    • /
    • pp.612-617
    • /
    • 2014
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) rich in polysaccharides, as well as free of curcuminoids and turmerones were investigated in acute and chronic inflammatory models. Activity against the acute phase of inflammation was evaluated in carrageenan-induced paw edema and xylene-induced ear edema models. The results showed that turmeric extract significantly decreased paw edema volume in the first and third hours after carrageenan injection ($P{\leq}0.05$). Turmeric extract at all dose levels also significantly inhibited xylene-induced ear edema formation ($P{\leq}0.05$). Activity against chronic inflammation was also evaluated in cotton pellet-induced granuloma model. Turmeric extract significantly ($P{\leq}0.05$) decreased the weight of granuloma tissue on cotton pellets in a dose-dependent manner when compared to the vehicle control. Thus, the findings of the study suggest that turmeric extract in effective against both acute and chronic inflammation.