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Field Investigation Work Modeling on Defect Inspecting Step of Defect Consulting in Apartment Building of Korea (공동주택 하자감정을 위한 하자조사단계의 현장조사 업무 모델링)

  • Park, Jun-Mo;Seo, Deok-Suk
    • Proceedings of the Korean Institute of Building Construction Conference
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    • /
    • pp.87-88
    • /
    • 2015
  • A defect dispute surrounding an apartment building is in constant trouble, a defect consulting is necessary that objective and impartial for solving a defect. The defect dispute about a defect lawsuit is conducted in the order that filling of lawsuit, consulting order, defect inspecting, estimating a repairing cost, writing a consulting report, submitting a consulting report, and decision by court. Of these, a step of defect inspecting is extensively investigated an occurred defect that each defect index and type from each part and place. At this time, it is collected of many data and created many information. For this, it need to organize and manage. The study is a modeling of field investigation work process that second phase of defect inspecting step. A literature study is defined a work until level 2. This study is defined the work until level 3 to 4. In addition, the modeling can do for using a job name, a place to job, a job to do, and a person concerned about defect consulting case. The modeling is expected a contribution of improving a defect consulting process and systematizing a judgment standard.

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