• Title/Summary/Keyword: locality sensitive hash

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Improving the Lifetime of NAND Flash-based Storages by Min-hash Assisted Delta Compression Engine (MADE (Minhash-Assisted Delta Compression Engine) : 델타 압축 기반의 낸드 플래시 저장장치 내구성 향상 기법)

  • Kwon, Hyoukjun;Kim, Dohyun;Park, Jisung;Kim, Jihong
    • Journal of KIISE
    • /
    • v.42 no.9
    • /
    • pp.1078-1089
    • /
    • 2015
  • In this paper, we propose the Min-hash Assisted Delta-compression Engine(MADE) to improve the lifetime of NAND flash-based storages at the device level. MADE effectively reduces the write traffic to NAND flash through the use of a novel delta compression scheme. The delta compression performance was optimized by introducing min-hash based LSH(Locality Sensitive Hash) and efficiently combining it with our delta compression method. We also developed a delta encoding technique that has functionality equivalent to deduplication and lossless compression. The results of our experiment show that MADE reduces the amount of data written on NAND flash by up to 90%, which is better than a simple combination of deduplication and lossless compression schemes by 12% on average.