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Static and dynamic elastic properties of the Iksan Jurassic Granite, Korea (익산 쥬라기 화강암의 정 및 동탄성학적 특성)

  • Kang, Dong-Hyo;Jung, Tae-Jong;Lee, Jung-Mo
    • Journal of the Korean Geophysical Society
    • /
    • v.3 no.2
    • /
    • pp.99-112
    • /
    • 2000
  • The Iksan Jurassic Granite shows relatively less fractures and homogeneous rock fabrics, and is one of the most popular stone materials for architectures and sculptures. Almost mutually perpendicular rift, grain, and halfway in the Iksan Jurassic Granite are well known to quarrymen based on its splitting directions, and therefore it should exhibit orthorhombic symmetry. Theoretically, there are 9 independent elastic stiffness coefficients $(C_{1111},\;C_{2222},\;C_{3333},\;C_{2323},\;C_{1313},\;C_{1212},\;C_{1122},\;C_{2233},\;and\;C_{1133})$ for orthorhombic anisotropy. In order to characterize the static and dynamic elastic properties of the Iksan Jurassic Granite, triaxial strains under uniaxial compressive stresses and ultrasonic velocities of elastic waves in three different polarizations are measured. Both experiments are carried out with six directional core samples from massive rock body. Using the results of experiments and the densities measured independently, the static and dynamic elastic coefficients are computed by simple mathematical manipulation derived from the governing equations for general anisotropic media. The static elastic coefficients increase ar uniaxial compressive stress rises. Among those, the static elastic coefficients at uniaxial compressive stress of a 24.5 MPa appear to be similar to the dynamic elastic coefficients under ambient condition. Although some deviations are observed, the preferred orientations of microcracks appear to be parallel or subparallel to the rift, the grain, and the hardway from microscopic observation of thin sections. This indicates that the preferred orientations of microcracks cause the elastic anisotropy of the Iksan Jurassic Granite. The results are to be applied to the effective use of the Iksan Jurassic Granite as stone materials, and can be used for the non-destructive safety test.

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