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Fabrication of Ceramic Particles Deposited Nano-web using Electrospinning Process and Its Far-infrared Ray Emission Property (원적외선 방출 특성을 갖는 나노 웹의 제조 및 원적외선 방사 특성에 관한 연구)

  • Hong, So-Ya;Lee, Chang-Hwan;Kim, Joo-Yong
    • Textile Coloration and Finishing
    • /
    • v.22 no.2
    • /
    • pp.118-122
    • /
    • 2010
  • The interest in textile which has far-infrared ray emissive property has been increased in the field of biophysics and medicine. In this study, far-infrared ray emissive polyurethane nano-web was obtained using electrospinning of polyurethane(PU) solution mixed with ceramics powder and far-infrared ray emissive properties of nano-web were evaluated by measuring far-infrared ray emission power and emissivity(%). To investigate the influence of concentration of ceramics powder in PU solution and temperature for far-infrared ray emissive properties, far-infrared ray emissivity was measured at varied temperature using various nano-web including varied concentration of ceramics powder. Polyurethane nano-web was characterized by SEM to observe the deposition of ceramics powder on polyurethane nano-web surface. The far-infrared ray emissivity was increased with the concentration of ceramics powder in the nano-web. The far-infrared ray emission power was enhanced with increasing temperature of the samples; however, far-infrared ray emissivity was decreased with increasing temperature because the increase of emission power of ceramic containing nano-web was lower than the emission power of black body one.