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Development of articulatory estimation model using deep neural network (심층신경망을 이용한 조음 예측 모형 개발)

  • You, Heejo;Yang, Hyungwon;Kang, Jaekoo;Cho, Youngsun;Hwang, Sung Hah;Hong, Yeonjung;Cho, Yejin;Kim, Seohyun;Nam, Hosung
    • Phonetics and Speech Sciences
    • /
    • v.8 no.3
    • /
    • pp.31-38
    • /
    • 2016
  • Speech inversion (acoustic-to-articulatory mapping) is not a trivial problem, despite the importance, due to the highly non-linear and non-unique nature. This study aimed to investigate the performance of Deep Neural Network (DNN) compared to that of traditional Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to address the problem. The Wisconsin X-ray Microbeam Database was employed and the acoustic signal and articulatory pellet information were the input and output in the models. Results showed that the performance of ANN deteriorated as the number of hidden layers increased. In contrast, DNN showed lower and more stable RMS even up to 10 deep hidden layers, suggesting that DNN is capable of learning acoustic-articulatory inversion mapping more efficiently than ANN.

The bibliographical study on the senile dementia (노인성치매(老人性痴呆)에 대(對)한 문헌적(文獻的) 고찰(考察))

  • Kim, Hyun-Ah;Jeong, Ji-Cheon;Lee, Won-Chel
    • The Journal of Internal Korean Medicine
    • /
    • v.13 no.2
    • /
    • pp.57-69
    • /
    • 1992
  • The study has been carried out to investigate of the senile dementia by referring to 35 literratures. The results were as follows ; 1. In oriental medical science, senile dementia is belong to the category of dullness(매病), insanity(癲狂證), weak(虛勞), amnesia(健忘), etc. 2. The cause of senile dementia summarize the phlegm preventid-heart hole(痰迷心竅), marrow lack(髓海不足), aged follow weaking of body and disfunction of the internal organs(年老體弱과 臟腑機能 失調), the bad blood with vatal block(氣滯血瘀), feeling inharmony, etc in the view of oriental medical science and make the vanishment of the cerebral atrophy and the cerebral cell but havn't indicated the remarkable cause in that of western medical science. The diseases with cause make a point of Alzheimer's dementia, frequent infarction dementia, etc and psychological and environmental factor too. The marrow lack is related to Alzheimer's dementia, the feeling inharmony, psychologic and environmental factor, the phlegm prevented-heart hole and bad blood with vatal block, frequent infarction dementia. 3. The senile dementia is related cleary to the function of the internal organs in oriental medical sciences respect Especially in relation to kidney and marrow, it is presented new cause view to solve the cure problem of western medical science is studying its cause only the anatomic pathology with cerebrum and is thinking to solve cure possibility. 4. The symptom of senile dementia is as follows. The obstacle of a aspect of the Language, Emotion, Behavior. mute, speech inversion, sometimes a laugh sometimes a cry, behavior strange, failure of memory etc. 5. The treatment of senile dementia is follows. The methodes of cure apply phlegm changed-mud(豁痰化濁), self-kidney and added marrow(補腎益髓), self-energy and nutritive blood(益氣補血), vital blood(祛瘀活血), peace of mind and relief(安神情志). The medicines of cure make the most of (sesimtang, jwagui-hwan, tonggwuhwalhuel tang) add and subtract, daeboweonjeon, guibitang, and so on.

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