The Management and Evaluation of Speech in Cleft Palate Patients

구개열환자의 언어관리 및 평가

  • 신효근 (전북대 구강악안면외과학 교실) ;
  • 김현기 (전북대 인문대학 불어불문학과)
  • Published : 1996.02.01


The communicative disorders in cleft palate patients have relationship with the acoustic and He physiological phenomena. Particularily hypernasality is a parameter of cleft palate speech that has been studied by many clinicians and speech pathologists. The degree of hypernasality has been assessed by the listener,s judgement, but perceptual assessements have poor scientific reliability, so objective instruments have been needed to test hypernasality with diagnostics accuracy. This study was analyzed the nasalance score using a Nasometer for cleft palate patients. The simple vowels /a/, /i/, /e/ and the approximants /j/, /w/ were tested for the degree of hypernasality after operation. The phrases containing long and short duration times were used in this study to asses hypeernasality. Fiberopic views shows the open velopharyngeal port that resulted in hypernasality of cleft palate patients. The authors assert the important of the management of cleft palate patients.