Finite Element Structural Analysis of Open-Section Composite Beams Considering Transverse Shear

전단변형을 고려한 개방형 단면 복합재료 보의 유한요소 구조해석

  • 정성남 (전북대학교 자동차신기술연구소)
  • Published : 2000.11.01


In this paper, a finite element structural analysis for thin-walled open-section composite beams with elastic couplings has been performed. The analysis includes the effects of transverse shear across beam sections, torsion warping and constrained warping. Reissner's semi-complementary energy functional is used to obtain the beam st illness coefficients The bending and torsion related warpings and the shear correct ion factors are obtained as part of the analysis. The resulting theory describes the beam kinematics in terms of the axial, flap and lag bending, flap and lag shear, torsion and torsion-warping deformations. The static response has been validated against finite element predict ions, closed form solutions, and experimental data for rectangular sol id and I-beams with elastic couplings. The free vibration results are also compared with available literature.