Finite Element Analysis of Step-down Piezoelectric Transformer with Various Shape

형태의 변화에 따른 강압용 압전변압기의 유한요소해석

  • Published : 2003.07.10


This paper presents design and analysis of step-down piezoelectric transformer for application to AC-adapters. These transformers are consist of rectangular type and disk type multilayered piezoelectric ceramic plate. This piezoelectric transformer operated in third thickness resonance vibration mode. Finite element methode(FEM) was used for analysing transformer. Vibration mode and electric field of piezoelectric transformer were simulated at resonance frequency. As results, rectangular type transformer's output voltage was higher than the disk type. But disk type transformer's current was lagger than rectangular type. These results are assumed that disk type transformer's mixed vibration mode influence transformer's output characteristics. From these results, we expect that disk type piezoelectric transformer is more adoptable than rectangular plate type piezoelectric transformer for AC adapters.