Investigation of the impact of Voltage Sags on 3-Phase Induction Motors Considering Reclosing Interval in Distribution System

리클로징 시간을 고려한 배전계통 순간전압강하의 3상 유도전동기에 미치는 영향 검토

  • Published : 2004.07.14


This paper describes the various characteristics of voltage sags which can affect the functions of three-phase induction motors that are mostly used in the power distribution systems. These assorted characteristics include motor speed losses, voltage recovery, motor reacceleration, and transient characteristics. An experimental study on the induction motor behaviors was also carried out to confirm these impacts. In addition, sequential voltage sags with short durations were considered and investigated. The results show that the occurrence of the second voltage sag after the first one may affects the induction motor adversely.