A Study on Error Verification of STL Format for Rapid Prototyping System

급속조형 시스템을 위한 STL 포맷의 오류 검증에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1996.10.01


As industrial standard data, the STL format which approximates three dimensional CAD model to triangular facets, is used for RP(Rapid Prototyping) system in recent days. Because most RP system take the only form of two dimensional line segments as an input stream inspite of its imperfectness while converting into STL format, a CAD model is converted into a standard industrial format which is composed of many triangular facets. The error verifying process is composed of four main steps, and these are 1) Remove facets with two or more vertices equal to each other. 2) Fix overlapping error such as more than three facets adjacent to anedge. 3) Fill holes in the mesh by using Delaunay triangulation method. 4) Correct the wrong direction and normal vectors. This paper is concerned with serching the mentioned errors in advance and modifying them.