Surface Modification of MgO Microcrystals by Cycles of Hydration-Dehydration

  • Published : 1999.07.20


Relatively inert surface of microcrystalline MgO was modified into chemically active one by carrying out controlled hydration followed by dehydration at elevated temperature under dynamic vacuum. Even though the treatment by the first cycle of hydration-dehydration did not alter the porosity of MgO, it largely enhanced surface reactivity of the MgO toward adsorbed water, turning its outer layer into brucite upon rehydration. Treatment by the second cycle of hydration-dehydration generated micropores, and slit-shaped mesopores, raising the porosity of the MgO. The overlayer of Fe2O3 of the core/shell type composite magnesium oxide enhanced this surface modification, turning its surface into more porous and more active one than that of uncoated MgO, after the treatment by the hydration-dehydration.



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