Preparation of the Polymers Containing Phenylamide and Dimethylaminoethyl Groups and their Properties as a Nagative Photoresist

  • Chae, Kyu-Ho (Department of Applied Chemistry Chonnam National University) ;
  • Kang, Jin-Koo (Department of Applied Chemistry Chonnam National University) ;
  • Kim, Su-Kyung (Department of Applied Chemistry Chonnam National University) ;
  • Chough, Sung-Hyo (Department of Chemicl Engineering, and The Polymer Science&technology Center)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


The copolymmers of N, N-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate(DAEM) and N-arylmethacrylamide (AMA) were prepared, and their photochemical properties as a negative photoresist were studied by the measurements of insoluble fraction, and by UV and IR absorption spectral changes. These copolymers are soluble in DMF, actone, methanol, of acidic buffer solutions. Solubility of these copolymer films in the vuffer solutions increased with the amount of DAEM units in the copolymer and decreased with the pH value. The insoluble fraction of the copolymer films in the buffer solution of pH 4 of in methanol increased with irradiation time and the amount of AMA units in the copolymer. UV and IR spectral changes indicated that not only photo-crosslinking but also the photo-Fries rearrangement took place upon irradiation with a 254nm UV light.


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