A Combined Process Control Procedure by Monitoring and Repeated Adjustment

  • Published : 2000.12.01


Statistical process control (SPC) and engineering process control (EPC) are based on different strategies for processes quality improvement. SPC reduces process variability by detecting and eliminating special causes of process variation. while EPC reduces process variability by adjusting compensatory variables to keep the quality variable close to target. Recently there has been needs for a process control proceduce which combines the tow strategies. This paper considers a combined scheme which simultaneously applies SPC and EPC techniques to reduce the variation of a process. The process model under consideration is an integrated moving average(IMA) process with a step shift. The EPC part of the scheme adjusts the process back to target at every fixed monitoring intervals, which is referred to a repeated adjustment scheme. The SPC part of the scheme uses an exponentially weighted moving average(EWMA) of observed deviation from target to detect special causes. A Markov chain model is developed to relate the scheme's expected cost per unit time to the design parameters of he combined control scheme. The expected cost per unit time is composed of off-target cost, adjustment cost, monitoring cost, and false alarm cost.


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