Realization of a Parallel Network System for Image Processing Techniques

영상 처리 기법을 위한 병렬화 네트워크 시스템의 구성

  • 서원찬 (부경대학교 공과대학 생산가공공학과) ;
  • 조강현 (울산대학교 공과대학 제어계측공학과) ;
  • 김우열 (부경대학교 공과대학 생산가공공학과)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


In this paper, realization techniques of the parallel processing and the parallel network system for image processing are described. The parallel image processing system is constructed by the characterization of image processing and processor. Several problems are solved to achieve effective parallel processing and processor networking with the particular properties of image processing, which are reduction of communication quantity, equalization of load and delay depreciation on communication. A parallel image input device is developed for the flexible networking of parallel image processing. An abnormal region detection algorithm which is the basic function in machine vision is applied to evaluate the constructed parallel image processing system. The performance and effectiveness of the system are confirmed by experiments.


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