Comparisons of Stressor and Coping Style between Headache-Suffering Children and Headache-Free Children

두통을 호소하는 초등학생의 스트레스요인과 대처방식

  • Chung Bok Yae (Department of Nursing, Kyungpook National University) ;
  • Hong Youn Lan (Department of Nursing, Kyungpook National University)
  • Published : 2000.10.01


The purpose of this study was to examine the stressors and coping styles between headache- suffering children and headache-free children. The subjects of this study consisted of 112 headache-suffering children and 203 headache- free children. They were 5th and 6th grade of elementary school around Taegu city. The periods of study was from June 1, to July 20, 2000. Data were analyzed by SAS computer programme The results of this study were as follows: 1. The score of stressor of headache-suffering children was higher than that of headache- free children significantly. The scores of school stressor and mess media stressor of headache-suffering children were higher than those of headache-free children significantly. 2. There was no significant difference even though the mean score of the coping style in headache-suffering children was higher than that of headache-free children. There were also no significant differences in both problem-oriented coping style and emotion- oriented coping style. 3. Logistic regression analysis(stepwise) revealed that the most powerful predictor was the variable stressor in school(standardized estimate=0.316, P<.001), followed by stressor in mass media(standardized estimate=0.224, P<.05).