Suitability of Various Domestic Wheats for Korean-Style Steamed Bread

한국형 찐빵 제조시 국내산 밀 품종의 적합성

  • Published : 2001.12.01


This study was to investigate the suitability of six domestic wheat cultivars for the Korean-style steamed bread made under optimal conditions. Six wheat flours milled from cultivars of Greu, Kumgang, Eunpa, Taptong Kobun, and Allgreu contained 13.8, 13.7, 13.7, 13.0, 11.7, 11.0% of protein. Control bread was made from blend (protein 10.5%) of 50% high strength and 50% low strength wheat flours milled from imported wheats. The volume of steamed bread made from Kumgang was highest followed by Eunpa, Tapdong, Kobun, Greu, control bread, Allgreu. Especially, the bread qualities of Kumgand and Kobun were superior to the control bread, showing better surface characteristics such as smoothness, glossiness, and whiteness, better shapes and desirable texture. Domestic wheat flours, having medium strength with high protein content above 13.0% were suitable for steamed bread except for Greu. Volumes of steamed bread made from domestic wheat flours were correlated with protein and ash content, flour color (L value), farinograph dough development time and stability, whereas spread ratio, total bread score and overall acceptability were correlated with farinograph dough stability It is concluded that flour quality is more important factor than protein content when domestic wheat flours are chosen for Korean-style steamed bread


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