Characteristics of Medical Polymer Based on Epoxy Resin System -Cure Characteristics for DGEBA/MDA/PGE- DMU System by Kissinger and Ozawa Equations-

에폭시 수지계 의료용 고분자 재료의 특성 연구 - Kissinger 식과 Ozawa 식에 의한 DGEBA/MDA/PGE-DMU 계의 경화특성 -

  • 김장훈 (서울시립대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 이재영 ((주)한양유화 기술연구소) ;
  • 김상욱 (서울시립대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 심미자 (서울시립대학교 생명과학과)
  • Published : 2001.09.01


The cure kinetics of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A (DGEBA)/4,4'- methylene dianiline (MDA) system with synthesized phenyl glycidyl ether-dimethylurea (PGE-DMU) was studied by Kissinger and Ozawa equations with DSC analysis in the temperature range of $20~300^{\circ}C$ To investigate the reaction mechanism between epoxy group of PGE and urea group of DMU, FT-lR spectroscopy analysis was used. The epoxide group of PGE reacted with the urea group of DMU and formed a hydroxyl group which acted as a catalyst on the cure reaction of other epoxide and amine groups. The activation energy of DGEBA/MDA system without PGE-DMU was 46.5 kJ/mol and those of the system with 5 and 10 phr of PGE- DMU were 43.4 and 37.0 kJ/mol, respectively. Ozawa method also showed the same tendency.


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