Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Shells Using Layered Elements with Drilling DOF

회전자유도를 갖는 층상화 요소를 이용한 철근콘크리트 쉘구조의 비선형 동적해석

  • 김태훈 (성균관대학교 토목환경공학과, 박사과정 수료) ;
  • 이상국 (한국원자력안전기술원 구조부지실, 실장) ;
  • 신현목 (성균관대학교 토목환경공학과)
  • Published : 2001.12.01


In this paper, a nonlinear finite element procedure is presented for the dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete shells. A computer program, named RCAHEST(reinforced concrete analysis in higher evaluation system technology), for the analysis of reinforced concrete structures was used. A 4-node flat shell element will drilling rotational stiffness is used for spatial discretization. The layered approach is used to discretize behavior of concrete and reinforcement through the thickness. Material nonlinearity is taken into account by comprising tensile, compressive and shear models of cracked concrete and a model of reinforcing steel. The smeared crack approach is incorporated. Solution of the equations of motion is obtained by numerical integration using Hilber-Hughes-Taylor(HHT) algorithm. The proposed numerical method for the nonlinear dynamic analysis of reinforced concrete shells is verified by comparison with reliable analytical results.


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