• Kang, Joo-Ho (Department of Mathematics, Taegu University) ;
  • Jo, Young-Soo (Department of Mathematics, Keimyung University)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


Given operators X and Y acting on a Hilbert space H, an interpolating operator is a bounded operator A such that AX = Y. An interpolating operator for n-operators satisfies the equation $AX_{}i$ = $Y_{i}$ for i/ = 1,2,…, n. In this article, we obtained the following : Let X = ($x_{i\sigma(i)}$ and Y = ($y_{ij}$ be operators in B(H) such that $X_{i\sigma(i)}\neq\;0$ for all i. Then the following statements are equivalent. (1) There exists an operator A in Alg L such that AX = Y, every E in L reduces A and A is a self-adjoint operator. (2) sup ${\frac{\parallel{\sum^n}_{i=1}E_iYf_i\parallel}{\parallel{\sum^n}_{i=1}E_iXf_i\parallel}n\;\epsilon\;N,E_i\;\epsilon\;L and f_i\;\epsilon\;H}$ < $\infty$ and $x_{i,\sigma(i)}y_{i,\sigma(i)}$ is real for all i = 1,2, ....


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