Scale Modeling Technique for the Crash Analysis of Railway Vehicle Structure

철도차량 충돌 해석을 위한 축소모델링 기법 연구

  • 김범진 (국민대학교 자동차공학대학원) ;
  • 허승진 (국민대학교 기계ㆍ자동차공학부)
  • Published : 2002.12.01


Todays, crash safety requirements of the railway vehicle structures become important design criterion according to the increased driving speed and the lightweight construction. Although the crash analysis using computer simulation can be effectively applied to predict the crash performance of the railway vehicles in the early design stage, the optimized design w.r.t the crash safety could be realized by the crash tests with actual prototype vehicles. However, it is very expensive and time-consuming task to perform the crash test of the railway vehicles. As a measure to cope with the problem, in this paper, the scale modeling technique is suggested and experimentally verified to predict the impact energy absorption characteristics of full scale model of aluminum extrusions sub-structures and the high-speed railway vehicle structure.


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