Analysis of the Linear Transformation of Prestressing Tendon Using Equivalent toad Method

등가하중법 관점에서 분석한 프리스트레싱 텐던의 직선이동

  • Published : 2002.12.01


Linear transformation theory has been effectively used in the design and analysis of prestressed concrete structures. The underlying assumptions of the theory, which were often overlooked, are investigated in the respect of equivalent load method. As a result, it is found that the same equivalent loading system is produced for all the cases of the linear transformation by the assumptions of the conventional equivalent load method. On the other hand, equivalent loading systems in a strict and accurate sense do not satisfy the classical theories of the linear transformation. Also, it is shown that a little different equivalent loading system from the conventional one is obtained for each linear transformation according to the proposed equivalent load method that is derived from the self-equilibrium property of the tendon-induced forces. Therefore, it can be concluded that the linear transformation theory is valid only when referring to the conventional approximate equivalent load method. The discussions are further extended to the eccentrically located circumferential tendon in the wall of containment structures, where the problem of eccentricity is analyzed also from the view point of the linear transformation.


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