A Study on the Teaching-Learning of Parameter Concept

매개변수 개념의 교수-학습에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.08.01


This study is on the teaching-learning of parameter concept in secondary school mathematics. In our school mathematics curriculum, parameter concept is explicitly presented at high school mathematics textbook. But student have difficulty in understanding parameter concept because this concept is implicitly used in the textbook from 7-grade mathematics. Moreover, it is true that mathematics teacher give a little attention to student's understanding of parameter con- cept. In this study, we analyzed concept definition of parameter and the extension of parameter on the basis of preceding research, our mathematical curriculum, mathematical dictionaries. After that, we concluded that parameter is explicitly called in t where x= f(t), y= g(t) and parameter is implicitly treated in the learning of relation between quantities in our mathematical curriculum. We pointed to the importance of parameter concept in the successful learning of school algebra. Specially, when the level of algebra is in the learning of relation between quantities, parameter is the key concept for understanding and representing of families of equations or functions. In mathematics class, students have opportunity to reflect that what the role of each variable(parameter, dependent variable, independent variable etc.) is, and where the information which determines it comes from. It is for mathematical communications as well as learning school algebra. Therefore, mathematics teacher's didactical attention is more needed to student have a good concept image of parameter before they learn explicitly its concept definition.