The Behavioral Systemic Needs of Students for the Housing Chapters in Home Economics Curriculum

전주지역 중학생의 가정교과의 주생활 영역에 대한 행동체계별 요구도

  • Yu, Won-Hee (Graduate School of Education Chonbuk Univ.) ;
  • Choi, Byung-Sook (Research Institute of Human Ecology & Dept, of Child & Housing Environment, Chonbuk National Univ.)
  • 유원희 (전북대학교 교육대학원) ;
  • 최병숙 (전북대학교 부설 인간생활과학연구소 & 아동.주거)
  • Published : 2007.06.30


The purpose of this study was to examine middle school students' three behavioral systemic needs for the Housing chapter in Home Economics curriculum, Through literature review, the concepts of the three behavioral systems in this study were divided into technical, interpretive and emancipatory one. The questionnaire survey method was used, The subjects were selected randomly the third grade 259 students at 6 middle schools located in Jeonju city, from December 17, 2004 to January 17, 2005, Data were analyzed by using SPSS/WIN 11.5 program. The results were as follows; 1) Average of importance which middle school students recognized was showed the interpretive behavioral system> the emancipatory behavioral system> the technical behavioral system, That of reflection of the text book was showed that the technical was same with the interpretive, and the emancipatory was a little lower value than two systems, And needs in each system were the emancipatory behavioral system> the technical behavioral system> the interpretive behavioral system, 2) Average needs were showed according to the sub-chapter of housing. 'Preservation and Repair of house' in the technical behavioral system and 'Indoor Environment and Equipment' in the interpretive and the emancipatory behavioral systems.