GPS L5 Acquisition Schemes for Rapid Code Phase Search and Fine Doppler Determination

GPS L5 신호에서 신속한 코드위상 재검색 및 정밀 도플러 결정 기법

  • 주인원 (한국전자통신연구원 위성관제.항법연구팀) ;
  • 최승현 (한국전자통신연구원 위성관제.항법연구팀) ;
  • 김재현 (한국전자통신연구원 위성관제.항법연구팀) ;
  • 신천식 (한국전자통신연구원 위성관제.항법연구팀) ;
  • 이상욱 (한국전자통신연구원 위성관제.항법연구팀) ;
  • 김재훈 (한국전자통신연구원 위성관제.항법연구팀)
  • Received : 2009.08.27
  • Accepted : 2009.12.09
  • Published : 2009.12.31


According to the GPS modernization, L5 is the third civilian GPS signal, broadcasts in a radio band reserved exclusively for aviation safety services. However, as the code length of GPS L5 is ten times longer than that of GPS L1, the acquisition processing time in GPS L5 takes longer than that of L1. This characteristics make the code phase detected initially change and cause the tracking loop to unlock. In order to overcome this problem, this paper proposes L5 acquisition schemes for the rapid code phase re-search and the fine doppler determination. The feasibility of the proposed scheme is demonstrated through the simulation results.


Supported by : 정보통신연구 진흥원


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