Phenomenological Case Study of the Process of Becoming Alcohol Dependence Among Women.

여성의 알코올 의존에 이르게 되는 과정에 관한 현상학적 사례연구

  • Song, Jin-Ah (The Korean Alcohol Research Foundation, Sunkyunkwan University) ;
  • Kang, Kyonghwa (The Korean Alcohol Research Foundation, Seoul National University)
  • 송진아 (한국음주문화연구센터, 성균관대학교 사회복지학과) ;
  • 강경화 (한국음주문화연구센터, 서울대학교 간호학과)
  • Received : 2013.05.07
  • Accepted : 2013.06.03
  • Published : 2013.09.30


This research is a phenomenological case study to find about the process of becoming alcohol dependence among women, with a lifetime contextual point of view. The first phenomenon which participants experience within their lifetime was 'incomplete relationship'. This was a trigger to become alcohol dependence. The researchers whom participated in this research focused on the first alcohol intake. The first drink has been given a unique meaning as 'characteristic symbol system'. While the participants were choosing alcohol, dailiness, a continuum of daily life emerged. With dailiness aspect, alcohol dependence goes through a process of 'invasion or penetration'. Through these processes alcohol dependent experience among women became 'meaninglessness and mirage'. According to these results undertone to approach women alcohol dependence was able to be deducted.